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What Should Your Employees Learn and Why?

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A search of the office. It sounds scary, however, experience has shown that normal law-abiding entrepreneurs face it – this is the reality of doing business in our country.

Can you answer these simple questions with confidence?

Are your employees ready for people with guns wearing masks to enter your office?
Are personal searches of your employees and inspection of their belongings and cars legal?
What should be avoided at all times during an inspection or search?
What can be stored at workplaces and what should never be available at a workplace?
What documents must be provided to you and what notes must be made in the protocol?
Should you give explanations and testimony if they insist on it?

Just one hands-on workshop led by experienced lawyers is enough to equip your employees with the answers to these and many other questions.

Please remember: incorrect acts and panic by your employees during investigative procedures may cost you millions of rubles, or even your freedom.

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